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Don Williams, I'm Still looking for you

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Another from the 'Love Stories' Album, uploaded from audio cassette.


I'm Still Looking For You
Love, comes once, they say
If it's the real thing
Me, I feel, that way
Knowing you must be there
Waiting for me somewhere
Some people say that I'm a fool
But I'm still looking for you
Yes, I guess, it's sad
The lovers I've been through
Some, I could, have had
But they never were enough
Nobody measures up
Lovers and friends I've had a few
But I'm still looking for you
Maybe it's wrong, I don't know
Maybe I'm just, chasing rainbows
But it's gotta be forever when I fall
But lately my hopes, have been sinking
Lately I find, I've been thinking
Maybe you're not really there at all
Tears, and years, go by
And I haven't found
It seems, the dream, should die
But I hang on somehow
Still I keep reaching out
With all the loves that I've been through
I'm still looking for you

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